. . . as good as a holiday

The “Change-is-as-good-as-a-holiday club” is neither ordinary nor exclusive. It doesn’t have an address. There is no monthly or annual membership fee one has to pay. There is no age restriction (that I’m aware of) so anyone can join. It is for the poor, the rich, the reserved, the thrill seekers, the adventurous, the . . . well, everybody.

In today’s rushed world, where everything need be done yesterday, it gets more difficult to remember that every day is a new opportunity. It happens to all of us, whichever side of the “stress-coin”.

On one side there are people who deal with work related stress. On the other side there are people who deal with the stress of being a homemaker, or not having a job, or living a life of leisure. Most people probably live on the edge between the two sides. Is it a wonder that we get demotivated, depressed, dissatisfied sometimes?

Changing only one thing in your life can really help. But finding the right thing to change is not always easy, or obvious. It may not even be as simple as changing only a single thing.

A person might think it means that you have to make a big splash-like, life-altering change. That is not necessarily true. There is no set criteria for what counts as change and how big or small it should be. It is probably more about feeling like there are some things in life which we can control. By taking control we can focus our minds, look away from the insurmountable obstacles and discover easier ways to overcome them.

Welcome to my new blog home!


For more “behind the scenes” on how/why this happened, please read my “Behind the seen” page.


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