Dipping into the Piggy Bank

There is no gentle way to say this; unplanned expenses are the pits. At the best of times it is hard enough to squirrel away a few rand for things I have to do on an annual basis, more so for something I’d really, REALLY like to do!

Buying a new TV was not on any list! Well okay, so what if I gave a fleeting thought to it the first time I had to take the 54cm TV to the repair shop? At the time, I talked myself into patiently waiting for the quote to see if it could be saved at a reasonable price. To my great relief I could afford the repair. I lived without any TV-type stimuli for a few days and strained some rarely used muscles, when I got the box back, to reconnect it to all the other gadgets that makes up my little home-theatre.

One morning, a few months later, while watching a recorded program, I realised that the picture looked a little weird. It took a moment before it hit me that the colours on the screen were all wrong. Instead of the lovely RGB-spectrum, I could only see a pinkish blue-green hue, which made the people on the screen look like aliens. I sighed, dreading having to take the thing in for repairs again. Apart from envisioning the cost involved, I could already feel my muscles protesting. These tube model TVs are neither light nor easy to handle.

I did my handy “I’m-an-ostrich-see-me-stick-my-head-in-the-sand” impersonation and decided that I can live with off-coloured people for a while. After all, I could still see the picture, which is the important thing. And I also suspected the cause of the poor thing’s bad health. My cat, for reasons known by her alone, likes to rid herself of her hairballs on the electronic things in my ‘theatre’, so the circuitry probably got an unwanted “wash” again. A couple of weeks later the aliens turned into humans again, and I sighed in relief.

Then three days ago I parked myself in front of the Tele, a nice mug of coffee in hand, to watch a show. A couple of minutes into it the picture disappeared. I could hear the people in the show continue on their merry way, but couldn’t see them. I had a bad feeling this time because, on closer inspection, something funny whiffted in my direction. Determined not to let it bother me, I switched the TV off and decided to wait a day, just in case the circuitry got wet again and needed time to dry out.

out with the old . . .

I’ve tried prompting it back to life for two days before I finally decided it won’t work again without a repair guy’s help. And it’s weekend! And I can’t be without my Tele that long! And even if (or when) the TV is repaired it won’t solve my problem around my cat’s passion for sabotaging anything electronic that’s big enough to climb onto. See how nicely I can convince myself that it is necessary to dip into the piggy and pull out some R’s for a new TV?

Yesterday I went to our local GAME store. As I approached, everywhere I looked, I saw TVs walked out the door, or carted around the parking lot. I couldn’t help but wonder if there is a TV-pademic going around, or if the store is just running good specials.

in with the new

An hour later I was back at home, carefully unpacking my new 81cm LCD HD ready TV! My cat sniffed around curiously and kept her own council while I removed the old unit to replace it with the new. But when I switched the new TV on she went and sat in front of the old TV with a few pitiful moans. I’m not sure if she really bemoans the fact that the bulky TV is on its way out the door, or the fact that our flat was suddenly invaded by almost life-sized people. Even I found the last a little unnerving!

Such a drastic technology change takes some getting used to.


4 thoughts on “Dipping into the Piggy Bank

  1. We also have an ‘old’ tv that’s a monster in the family room – I’d like to replace it with a new, sleek, flat panel, HD tv but I’d also like to replace my car — plus I took an early retirement when our economy was good (bad move but who knew then?) and Devoted Spouse is retired so I’m cautious about the money aspect – but I really want that new tv, too. Maybe I can justify it because it’s Christmas and the stores are having such good sales? Yeah, I’m going with that one and I’ll baby the car a few more months. But that means I need to buy a new car battery. Man— it’s always something!!! LOL {{hugs}}

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