Can it be. . . Santa out for a test drive?

A couple of days ago, as I was driving back to my office from visiting a remote site, I saw this sight. . .

At first, I didn’t see it.  Then it looked an awful lot like Santa was having a bit of fun in the sun.  That’s him coming in from the right.   Ho-ho-ho!  Am I seeing things?

I looked again, and it seemed that an elf was either keeping Santa company in the backup sleigh, or he was trying his best to stop Santa from warming his bones.

There also seemed to be another sleigh a little farther away . . . hmmm. . .  can it be that there are more than one Santa?

This was the longest I’ve seen clouds maintaining their shape.  It usually changes too fast for me to capture the images.

*Update:  As per a friend’s suggestion I’ve added another image with some general pointers to what I see. 


8 thoughts on “Can it be. . . Santa out for a test drive?

  1. You’ve got quite an imagination! When you do these cloud things, I think you should include a copy of the photo with an arrow or something, to show where us less imaginative people should be looking. It takes me ages to see what you’re talking about.

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