An unordinarily ordinary New Year 2011

How long does it last? New Year. How long does it really last, for you?

I remember, when I was a child, that wakefulness on New Year’s Eve was a challenge among my siblings. Being wakened at the stroke of midnight just wasn’t the same; it just didn’t feel right. Fresh from sleep, it was hard to catch on to the feelings of jollification and expectancy that permeated the air . Seeing New Year’s Eve through to New Year gave you that, and it gave you bragging rights.

To this day I still recognise the difference in attitude between people who waited in a new year, and those who woke up to it a few hours later. It leaves an impression of delayed reaction. Hence my question of how long does New Year last? Is it only that second when the time change from 23:59:59 to 00:00:00, or the first few minutes after that while you wish everyone, who are awake with you, well?

How long do you keep that β€œHappy New Year”-feeling alive in your heart? I have come across people who would still wish someone well for the new year in the month of March! It’s probably a little strange that I would notice that.

It’s seven days now since the kick-off to 2011 and I hope the year, thus far, has already exceeded your expectations! Thanks for coming back to read my blog!


10 thoughts on “An unordinarily ordinary New Year 2011

  1. I was just thinking the very same thing!! Although I’ve long since given up bringing in the New Year by staying awake…these days I take sleep whenever and wherever it comes πŸ˜›
    But today, I was looking at the Christmas tree and thinking, ‘This is a quiet Sunday. Maybe I should get it down while I can.’ and then it hit me…kind of an official closure to all the festivities and that Christmasy, New Year feeling!! Bittersweet…I wish I could hold on the promise that a New Year seems to hold out for a while longer, and then I look at my toddler who has no concept of time at all…and I think, What’s all the fuss about πŸ˜›
    I have a good feeling about 2011 though πŸ˜€ I hope it lasts for all of us!!

  2. I have a friend who goes to bed early on 31 Dec. and then wakes up at dawn on 1 Jan. In her view, that is when the new year really starts. I think it’s an interesting perspective. Personally I always struggle to stay awake and I’m usually in a cranky mood by midnight, which is not a good way to start the new year. So I might adopt my friend’s method πŸ™‚

    • I agree with your friend, 2summers. I’m all for waking up to the new year instead of dragging my tired bones from one year to the next.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I totally agree with your friend 2summers. When you wake up on January 1, that’s when you get the feeling a fresh new year awaits! πŸ™‚

    The first few minutes of the year are more of a way to say goodbye to the old one for me. But I much rather prefer staying awake at midnight though, if I fall asleep I feel like I’ve missed something, wouldn’t you?

    • Thanks for stopping by Elchico!

      We have a lot of vacationers here at that time of year and I’m sure most of them share your sentiment about ‘missing something’ if they don’t stay awake to celebrate πŸ™‚

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