hey, i can “win” something too!

I’m surprised, I’m overwhelmed! I did not expect to be in the running for anything, much less an AWARD. Oh, golly gosh! I’m tempted to imitate Harsha’s happy dance – at least, I think it was a happy dance.  She performed it before she so very kindly nominated me for the Memetastic. Must love that gal’s sense of humor!

I wonder if I should think up a good acceptance speech for this award? I probably should, right? Yeah, I can do it, sure, no problem. How hard can it be?

“This is such an honor! First, I want to thank Harsha, from H is for Happiness, for the kind words she used to validate her nomination of me for this award. Second, I have to thank Harsha for actually nominating me for this award. Third, I must thank Jill at Yeah.Good Times, for coming up with this award. Fourth, I. . . uhm. . . okay, I . . . Next . . . hmmm. You know, I . . . I . . . I {sniff} have to do stuff before I can {sniff}. . . take this thing home! It’s terrible . . . {hick}{sniff}

(1) I must display this awful, totally awful, graphic of the award on my blog for the world to see. Even Jill, who created it, thinks it’s disgusting, and still she wants me to post it! I’ve done it anyway, can’t you see?! Just look up! {sniff}

(2) Then she wants me to lie, at least four times {hick} Huh?! (a) I never lie! (b) I can tell jokes, though. (c) You already know I don’t have a sense of humor {sniff} I’m sorry, so sorry. I know I should stop crying now, this is getting ridiculous, but I’m just so happy, and nervous,  right now {hick}{sniff} (d) I also scare easy {sniff}{sniff}, so I’m terrified that Jill will find me and feed me to the meme-kitty if I don’t do what she wants!  I kid you not, this woman sounds extremely serious about her creation.  Just click on the Memetastic link and you’ll see for yourself. (e) I hate blogging – right about now – I hate blogging! Maybe I should just stop doing it. {bwah-ha-ha}

Sorry, excuse me. Just . . . give me a sec. . .

(3) Before I can get off this stage {sniff}{hick} and return to my quiet life, I have to nominate another  5 bloggers deserving (or not) of this hideous award. {sniff}{sniff}  Sorry to my long-time friends and neighbors if you didn’t make the list, but I decided on who to pass this dubious honor on to by drawing names from a hat – figuratively speaking {sniff}  I only hope you all will find it in your hearts to thank me forgive me later.

Ladies, and Gentlemen, please put your mouses to work and visit my choices:

Brown Road Chroniclesreinventing the event horizon, 2Summers, The Slowvelder, The Wordsmith

Guys, thank you so much for taking the attention away from me!  And good luck in hiding from Jill, if you dare!!  I’m done, what a relief!  I’ll take the meme-kitty and put it someplace where my cat won’t see it.  She’s the jealous type.  All right, time to go. Thank you, thank you so much.”

– – – – –

“Pst! Pst!, you guys.”  I’m whispering to the chosen ones here in the hopes that Jill won’t hear me. “Jill didn’t put a time constraint on acceptance of this award, so no need to rush into it as I did, unless you’re really scared.  Just saying.  Have fun!”

17 thoughts on “hey, i can “win” something too!

  1. ROFL….CM, I don’t about that sense of humor but you have plenty of funnies in you 😉 Good luck with hiding the meme-kitty, but I say, just let your cat find her and Good Riddance 😛 Just don’t let Jill find out…Ever!!

    Will check out your picks over the next few days 🙂

    • I never knew I had humor with a quirk, I’m just a little strange, is all 😉

      As long as meme-kitty is quieter than a mouse it should be fine – ha-ha!

  2. Omg–sorry it took me so long to get over here and claim this curse–opps, did I say that with my outside voice? I mean PRIZE!!!!! My internet is too slow today in Haiti, so I’m staking my claim on that damn award via my cell phone! As soon as I’m up and running I’ll figure out what this requires of me Think it means I get to select 5 VICTIMS! Better watch out cause no one knows if they’ll be one of the FABULOUS 5!
    Thank you, Clouded Marble, for this honor–knowing me I’ll probably have fun with it–so, YIPPIE!!!!!

  3. Hi there–quick note: I’m leaving on holiday and won’t be able to post or pass on my award until next week, but swear on whatever you’d like, that I will next week. Please spare me from the wrath of Jill. Hope this is cool!
    from Haiti,

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