our strange weather patterns

My schedule went to the dogs this week!  It used to say that I should post something on my blog once, maybe twice, a week.  Now, after I wrestled it away from the dogs, I can’t make head or tail of it.  It’s in one sorry state.  I have to fix it, pronto!  In the mean time, here’s something to tie you over – just in case I did miss a post.  If I didn’t, and I’m ahead of schedule, I hope you will patiently await my next post 😉  cloudedmarbles

Last year I wrote about a simple pleasure.  Last night and this afternoon I experienced it to a far lesser degree – kind of like a “in-the-blink-of-an-eye” effect.   Around midday today, while in Humansdorp, I spent some time taking kiekies.  I could hear a far off grumbling noise, but didn’t think too much of it (I just ate, so no, it wasn’t my stomach!).  I really liked the way the green of the trees contrasted with the blue-tinted clouds and kept on snapping pictures.  When I got home and looked at it on my nice big screen,  this is what I saw:


a "gent" between the trees, a lady's head bent on the right

In December 2010 and January 2011,  two of our supposed Summer months, we had reasonable temperatures, and days – more often than not – with cloud cover.  So far, February seems to follow the same pattern, except with more noticeable temperature hikes.  Usually we’d associate clouds with rain, but it is still not happening here.  We are very grateful for the rain we do get, but unfortunately it is not enough to fill up the dams that supply the region with water.  Water restrictions are still in place.

Right, I’m off to fix my schedule and catch up on all the posts I haven’t been able to read yet.


5 thoughts on “our strange weather patterns

    • Thanks, Wendy!

      Cloud-gazing is something we used to do a lot as children as well. I miss it. These days, when I see some cool shapes, I’m usually in my car with no time/unable to stop.

    • Thanks, Laura!

      I think it helped develop my imagination as well, with a little help from my mom 🙂 As for the colours; earlier last week the clouds were a soft, powder blue changing into a darker hue later in the day. I regret not taking a picture of it.

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