e-mail: the journey

In the background it can hear zinging and zapping as other carriers twirl, swirl, dip and dive to deliver their all-important messages. Behind the window it stands at the ready, cooing now and again into the great beyond to warn the other carriers that it will enter the race soon.  A little impatiently it awaits the moment when the tip-tap-clack-tap of keystrokes will stop; for that momentary pause before the alien in the other world will click on SEND. Yes! The gates swish open and it’s off in a mad dash on a super fast journey of its own.

It’s a rush, this risking of wing-bits and body-bytes on the cyber-lanes. There are billions of other carriers (cyber-pigeons, if you will) with the same single-minded determination to complete the job and stay alive to tell the tale. None of them are scared of the many perils they have to face along the way. There are inevitable things like detours that will make them very, very late, or bouncers at unknown addresses that will sent them home with a black eye (or broken wing), or brick walls that will swallow them whole but (sometimes) do the courtesy of sending a R.I.P. note to a carrier’s origin.

That’s not the worst of it, though. The most fearsome, and dreaded, are the guards that search them, and the message/s they carry, inside-out with gruelling thoroughness, for weapons of destruction or just plain unhealthiness. If the guards aren’t happy it will be detained and most likely spent the rest of its existence in isolation, never to be given another thought.

The ones stamped as harmless are allowed through to their destinations where they land on a moving sieve. All that shimmy and shake is supposed to make it lose its lunch . . . uhm, okay not true. But it is supposed to identify the “light weight” messages and stick a label on it to alert the alien it was sent to that caution is advised. There is a brief period of rest here while the carrier awaits the command to enter the alien’s home. Sometimes this lands it on another sieve, or facing another set of guards. But hey, that’s the job and something’s got to do it.

– – – –

I’m a little pressed for time at the moment so I’m hoping that this little prelude will keep me in your good graces until I can publish the actual post I had planned for this week. 😉  Please also feel free to browse through my kiekies if you get (really) bored! 🙂


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