the job, the temperament, the personality – a fit, or not?

Brace yourself, dear reader/s. I’m off on another journey.

The past few weeks have been pretty hectic at work. I found myself on a piece of life-road where hairpin turns, wet spots and speed bumps hindered my journey over a mountainous obstacle more generally known as workload. Yeah, I know I’m not exactly numero uno on this road and yes there are people who actually have to deal with more than I do. What’s really been on my mind is how I pushed myself over that great big heap of . . . rock. Does my personality fit (or not) with this thing that is my job?

Years ago, in my struggle to understand why I’m so different from the people around me, I took a few personality tests. Yes, you read it right. I did.  Take more than one test. The result – I’m an Introvert.  Oh, you know that already?  I guess I’ve mentioned it before, huh?  As a norm I don’t like labels and stereotyping, and yet I ended up doing that to myself.  Before you ask, the answer is “no”. NO – I don’t act/react to outside stimuli a certain way just because I read somewhere that that’s how Introverts supposedly go about things.  I’m 99.999% sure I’m labeled correctly.  In fact, let’s have a look at a basic list of questions asked to determine personality type.

Source: Wikipedia

Yep, I’m Sarah on this list.  A little more complex than that, obviously, but generally speaking I’m her.   While searching the Internet for some information to share with you, I came across the article Temperament and Personality by Hal Warfield.  I found it interesting and good food for thought.  Yikes!  Now I’m imagining taking short rest stops on my journeys to unwrap it and snack on it.  A good thing? 

Getting back to me and my job, specifically.  For the most part I think it’s a good fit.  There are times though when too much happens at once (or not at all) in the people-section of the job.  That’s when another part of my personality comes out to play.  Picture, if you will, a peace-loving creature smelling roses one minute, only to suddenly  transform into an ogre the next.  Ogre-me finds it extremely difficult to deal with people and be nice to them.  Ogre-me is single-minded and dislikes (meek word, that!)  distractions while concentrating on solving a problem.  Ogre-me hates it that people can’t read minds, that  they don’t see their ranking on the invisible to-do list that flashes a bright red.  Ogre-me doesn’t like to talk.  Ogre-me detests water, much less treading it with some anxiousness while searching desperately for a foothold.  Ogre-me . . . well, the list can go on, and on.

You know what?  Ogre-me also demands air from time to time when I’m not at work.  Other things play a bigger role then like too little sleep,  interrupted me-time,  impatience with being misunderstood,   . . .   Gosh,  is it really fair to expect other people to have me all figured out when I haven’t been able to do it myself yet? And is it possible for harmony to exists if I can spot, and stop, in time those little imps that threaten to disturb my inner-Ogre’s rest? 


12 thoughts on “the job, the temperament, the personality – a fit, or not?

  1. You are not alone CM! And while I’m at it…let me say I liked the term ‘inner-ogre’…very innovative even if he’she is a pest!
    I second Wendy btw…I’m much better at writing than I am at talking!

    Hugs, H.

    • Thanks Sunshine. I’m usually pretty good at making me-time, if I can turn the busy brain off, but it can take some effort. At times I find me-time only a temporary relief until the big issue/s are settled/resolved.

      I guess being happy in ones job is really about how well the job suites ones temperament and if one can cope with the parts that don’t “fit”.

      By the way, inner-ogre is currently at rest 😉

  2. I think you’re a fairly typical IT person: good with machines; not-so-good with people. Or at least people who are not fellow IT people! I got on with you fine . . . although, maybe the feeling wasn’t mutual?! 😉

    • LOL! I must be pretty bad if you have to wonder about that 🙂

      You’re right for the most part – it is easier to communicate with “IT-people” – at least on an intellectual level. I think my ‘problem’ is more with feeling crowded, too many people wanting attention at the same time. And “too many” is relative 😉

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