sunday stroll

The pests (you can read all about them here) are back in full force.  I discovered it this morning, which means drastic measures need to be taken again.  Of course, I wasn’t prepared for the big hunt, which meant a drive to the supermarket.  On my way there I decided to stop at one of our beaches and look for photo opportunities.

It’s a hot day, so I didn’t stay too long.  I did find something to photograph, like this creeper plant:

beach creeper
click on the image for a better look at the flowers

These boys got very excited, and vocally frustrated, at finding and losing their “catches” in the shallow rock pools.   It reminded me of how we used to do the same when we first came to live here.  This is one of those activities that is a lot more fun when you have company – especially the kiddy kind 🙂

rock pools

fun at the rock pools (click on image for a better view)

Closer inspection of the pools also revealed something that I think of as “snail font”, should one ever use it on a computer.  Or maybe it’s just sea-snail art?

snail art

snail font - snail art - just tracks (click on image for a better view)

Okay, now I’ve had my fun in the sun for today I had best return to the hunt.


7 thoughts on “sunday stroll

    • Thanks, Wendy!

      I use Frontline or Advantage on Kieter too, but it doesn’t last nearly as long as it should. Having an open veld neighboring us is not helping – she just loves to find a shade there in the summer, and bring the fleas home.

      The narrow tracks were made by these tiny snails – the black dots on the rock in the photo. I can look at them moving around for hours.

    • Thanks for visiting, Emily!

      Sounds like you guys have pretty cold winters there, I keep reading about fingers almost freezing off on your photo walks 🙂 In comparison our winters are pretty mild and short, so it feels like we have warm/hot weather most of the time.

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