from “-ling” to full-grown

Beware, dear Reader.  After reading about 2Summers‘ recent spider moment, and some friendly encouragement, I decided to give in and do another spider post.  So yes, this is yet another post about spiders – in particular Rain Spiders which is very common in these parts.  I can’t remember a time when more than a week would go by without my noticing one, or more, of these spiders in my home.  If you are interested you can read about some of my other spider-moments here (very up-close and personal) and here.

About a month ago these spiders surprised me yet again.  As I was entering my flat, returning from a visit with my parents, I just happened to glance up at the ceiling.  Why?  I have no idea.  I’m not in the habit of looking around when I enter my home as I know what it looks like.  Should I call it intuition?  I don’t know.  What I saw on the white ceiling were these black spots that were totally out of place.  Did I suddenly  get a mold problem?  The lighting wasn’t good in the flat so I decided to inspect it the next day.

A few minutes later  I was sitting in front of the television sipping coffee and found my gaze returning to the ceiling.  I couldn’t let it go, I just couldn’t!  I’m curious that way, and finding mold in such a scattered pattern was something I haven’t seen before.   So up I got, dragged a chair closer and carefully inched my face closer for a good look.  The ceiling isn’t very high, hence the “careful inching”.   Imagine my surprise when I found the “mold” to be a zillion eight-legged creatures!  Be proud of me, dear Reader – I didn’t scream.  I did almost break my neck, and the chair,  to put some distance between me and the little critters.

spiderlingAfter the shock wore off I ran for my camera.  I’ve never seen spiderlings before and I also knew that I wanted to share the “find” with my friend, Lisa, who is really into the spider-thing.  After taking a few snaps of this phenomena in my flat I started deliberating what I should do.  I don’t begrudge spiders their place on earth, but having that many babies sharing my home made me very uneasy.  There was no way for me to gather them all up and put them outside,  so I turned into the wickedbroomlady and removed them from the ceiling.  That’s when I saw that there were more still against the wall (photo above) – I haven’t even known they were there!  And that white blob – could that be the nest they hatched from?!

I couldn’t get a good angle on the ones that sat on the ceiling, but I did get a fair  shot of one cluster.  I isolated one of the spiderlings (photo below)  using software to try and get an even better look at it.  Like I said, I’m curious.  At a guess the spiderlings were each between 5-10mm across  in size at the time.

single lingThe last couple of days I found this slightly bigger spiderling (photo below) measuring roughly at around 30mm across.  Yes, I did measure it with a tape measure – from a distance!  I’m guessing this is one of the survivors from the broom-attack.

spiderling growingThe spider below, still very young judged by its size, is also currently residing in my home.  It measures at around 55mm across.

spiderling still growingBelow is an adult Rain Spider – not currently living here.  And no, this one I did not measure.  I’d guess its size to have been at least 12cm across.

grown rain spiderBy the way, you can click on the photos to get a slightly better look with a little more detail of the spiders.


18 thoughts on “from “-ling” to full-grown

  1. I know a lot of people don’t like spiders and kill them the moment they see them but I’m a softy. I have to gather them up and put them outside. I’m not a big fan of spiders but I think all things have a place on our planet.

    I liked the photos.

    • Thanks, Laura!

      I normally leave them in peace as long as I don’t feel threatened, and then I’ll try to motivate them to move before taking more drastic measures.

  2. You killed the cute little spiderlings?! How COULD you???!!! I would probably have done the same – the thought of having that many rain spiders in our house would even freak me out.

    Great post and photos! 🙂

    • Thanks – and you’re welcome 🙂

      It’s like I said to Lisa, I had some visions going through my head. Good thing this happened in the day and not closer to bedtime!

  3. I like bugs, as long as they don’t bite me…

    This story reminded me of years ago when we lived in an old farmhouse…my mom got sick of all the houseflies, so she got out the vacuum cleaner and started to suck them up (live) in it! That might work for your baby spiders (as long as you get rid of the vacuum cleaner bag afterwards!).


  4. Okay that is creepy! I read somewhere though that there are many species of house spiders that specifically live indoors and are not adapted to be outdoors. When people put them outside they don’t survive. I don’t know whether that is true or not but it sounds good. I don’t think that is the case with your new residents!

    • You’re right, rain spiders usually live outdoors (in the trees/bushes around here) so it is more strange to find them inside the house.

      I think the drought we’re experiencing is affecting the general insect life here. These spiders usually seek shelter before rain storms – but unless they know something I don’t, I’m going with the idea that they’re “invading” my home in search of water.

      You now have me wondering about those “indoor” spiders you mentioned! Hope you’ll post about it if you find them around 🙂

  5. Holy. Cow.

    I think that if THOSE ‘-lings’ had emerged from the nest in OUR house, I probably would’ve packed my bags and gone back to live with Mommy who, I am pretty sure thinking back over my childhood, never had rain spiders in her small 2nd-floor apartment.

    You, my dear, are incredibly brave to get close enough to MEASURE them!

    Using a broom for eviction… hm… I think I’d throw the broom out too… like the vacuum cleaner bag. Just in case they were still LIVING in the brush-end!

    AAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…… [running away into the distance….]

    • Ha-ha, Reggie!

      You are so funny 🙂 Mind you, I didn’t use a ruler to measure them, I used a measuring tape which has a bit more of a reach.

    • A measuring tape sounds FAR safer – I trust it was one of those modern ‘solid’ ones that handymen use when measuring walls and doors and such, rather than the floppy ones one uses to measure one’s… er… bust, waist and hip size? 🙂

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