any excuse to visit a friend

At last! After months of planning (I needed to get time off work) and anticipation, I finally arrived on Lisa’s doorstep, got to see the town where she and her family now live, and of course met the wonderful fur-babies, Rosie and Lucy, that she talks so much about!

Rosie looking for Lucy

If you found your way here from Lisa’s blog, Notes from Africa, you’ll know that we became friends many years ago. It’s been such a long time since we’ve actually seen each other, keeping in touch mainly via email and lots of phone calls. How nice it is to have our chats while relaxing on some very comfortable sofas (Lisa calls them “benches”) with a mug of coffee, and lots of shared laughter!

Apart from catching up, Lisa (sometimes Rosie joins us) is showing me interesting things around their town and pointing me in the right direction for some good photo opportunities.  Yes, we South Africans can do the photowalk thing too!  Lisa is such a good, and patient, guide that it is a real pleasure walking with her.  I don’t have to worry about getting lost (she knows the way home)  so I can let my eyes feast on all the things around me 🙂

no, this is not the way home 😉

Also spotted during our morning walk in town, two Hadedas finding food after a chilly night.

It’s a little difficult to do photo processing on my laptop, but look out for the next installment on my visit this coming week.  I will post the photos I like best on my photoblog, so keep an eye out for that!


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