Photo walk: Wilderness beach

Any excuse to visit a friend – walk #1 . . .

Our first photowalk started off on the beach in Wilderness, a town along South Africa’s Garden Route.

sandy beach at Wilderness

This is the beach where miss Rosie is allowed to run with abandon, and to her heart’s content.  Her delight was evident in the permanent grin she wore the whole time.  I am very impressed by how disciplined Rosie is, coming as soon as Lisa whistles her back and standing still while her leash gets attached.  You should really read more about Rosie on Lisa’s blog.

Rosie running with the sun at her back

I was amazed to find the beach so sandy, with barely a rock in sight.  Most of the “casual” beaches in my hometown are  strewn with broken seashells, which makes for a rather awkward barefoot stroll.   Something else I noticed were the stones, smooth from its tumble in the ocean no doubt, littering the beach.   I don’t see many of these at home.

beach stones

I didn’t see a lot of bird life while we were strolling. What I did see is something that might well have been a bird in a time before time, or even  in a fantastical movie.  What do you think?

bird from another time?

Oh yes,  we also saw this (below).  I’m not sure if I should call it a creature – it obviously came from the sea, but I have no idea what it is.

unidentified thingy propped up against a beach stone

The sun’s glare at this shore seemed particularly hard on the eyes and I was glad that I remembered to take my sunglasses with. The hue of the sky also seemed different from that at home.

There are massive dunes along this beach.  It provided us with some welcomed shade as we continued our walk and later turned back.  Even Rosie welcomed a rest before we tackled the steep dune that would take us back to Lisa’s car 🙂   Thank goodness for air-conditioned vehicles – that’s what I thought as we followed the road home on that autumn morning with the sun baking on our backs.

Some other photos from this walk will find its way to my photoblog during the next week or so.  More photos.

Updated 10/05/11:

Thanks to a comment from Emily, I did a little more research on the thingy in the last photo and came across some links with information that might shed light on the subject.  I’m still not able to say for sure what type of shark this belonged to though.

Shark Birth Pictures on  and  Egg case info on Wikipedia


6 thoughts on “Photo walk: Wilderness beach

  1. Rosie’s joy at being on the beach is very obvious, isn’t it?

    That piece of driftwood does look like one of those bird-like dinosaurs.

    Re: your unidentified thingy. Looking at the photo I realized something. I often photograph things to identify them i.e. just a boring view of the flat object. You photograph things from different, more artistic angles.

    • Rosie definitely knows how to communicate what she feels 🙂 I’m missing her Rosie-look already.

      Hmm, you’re right. . . the way I photographed that thingy might make it more difficult to identify. I hope someone will be able to help with the identification, though.

  2. What a beautiful beach. I could see myself walking there for miles… getting lost in thoughts… leaving the crazy world behind. 🙂

    As for the photos — The driftwood shot looks like a large tarantula spider climbing out tof the sand and the last photo looks like an egg pod from a sea creature. I know shark eggs look similar but it’s hard to tell for sure from this angle.

    • The empty egg cases I found on our local beaches didn’t look like this – it’s white, looks calcified and no flat point at one end. Guess that weren’t shark eggs then, or just different kind.

      Never seen the tendril things attached though. Thanks for the heads-up. I did a little more research, and although I still can’t say for sure what type of shark this belongs to, I’ve found an interesting link that I will include in the post.

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