Photo walk: around the neighbourhood

Any excuse to visit a friend – walk #2 . . .

These photowalk posts are in danger of becoming part of my Flashback-series, it is taking me so long to publish them 😉  So off we go on Lisa’s and mine (and Rosie’s, of course) second walk.

We set out before 7am so it was still a little dark outside.  It is autumn in South Africa at the moment, so the sun is rising about two hours later than in summer.  It was nice to get out early, the morning rather chilly after a coldish night.

The air smelled different from that at home.  Okay, be patient.  I have to compare it to home, don’t I?!  While strolling through the streets one can see the Outeniqua mountain range in the distance.  There are a lot of trees in the various gardens, and a forestry stations not too far away.  That probably explains that very faint smell that  wafted on the early morning air.  Don’t get me wrong, it is not a bad smell at all.  It’s just that you can smell . . . trees? Yes, that’s it!   Well, of course I’m not sure, but I like that idea.  Can you guess that I love trees?

first rays of the sun peeking over the mountains

The first few pictures I took were a bust, the light just wasn’t right.  Then we came to a clearing, also known as Lisa’s park where she took some photos previously of funnel spider webs.  This wasn’t far into our walk and poor Rosie was trying her best to be patient.  We waited around for a few minutes to see if we can catch a sunrise.   By the time the sun actually rises above the mountains though, it would already be fairly high in the sky.  We decided to continue with our walk, giving it time to do its thing and maybe get a better glimpse of it when turning east into another street further on.

down the main road

Lisa, my unofficial “photo op spotter”, pointed out to me the interesting patterns on the barks of different trees.  I’ve taken some close-up shots which I will publish on my photoblog.   While trailing behind Lisa and Rosie, I noticed a rather odd-looking tree.  I took a couple of photos because I just couldn’t believe what I saw.  The body . . .er trunk, is eerily smooth with a scrunched-up hairdo. . . er top.  I don’t know.  I’m thinking it is fake.  Do you see the different sections of the trunk, almost like building blocks?  I couldn’t get close enough to knock on it – you know, to find out if it is hollow.

real or fake?

While I was trying to figure out this tree, a “omie” (older gentleman) out on what looked like his morning walk, asked whether I found something beautiful to photograph.  He seemed friendly enough (I still remember the lessons learned at Mom’s knee!), so I told him that I thought the town/city is a beautiful place.  That’s no lie!

So if you thought that Lisa was kidding about people being curious about the crazies who perform “photog-acrobatics” – she wasn’t 🙂

Read about our walk #1

More photos.


7 thoughts on “Photo walk: around the neighbourhood

  1. The real/fake tree in your post is definitely a cell phone tower, alias Pinus antennaensis . For non-foresters; look at the power module at the base and at night you can see a red light at the top.

    • Hi Willie!

      Thank you for clearing that up. I’ve never seen something like that around J’Bay, or just never knew to look for it.

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