Photo walk: Malachite Bird Hide

Any excuse to visit a friend – walk #3 . . .

When we returned from walk #2, we grabbed a quick bite before setting off on the next one.  As usual, Lisa ate a very healthy breakfast while I (I’m sure) astounded her with my very bad, and unhealthy, eating habits.

This time we left Rosie at home to keep Lucy company.  Lucky for us Lisa had the directions to the bird hide, and were driving, else we might have gotten lost.  I had no real idea where we were going, or what to expect.  This was my first bird-watch outing!  Once we took the Hoekwil turnoff we were getting closer to the Bo-langvlei lake, which became very obvious by the change in vegetation.  Lisa proofed once again what a good “photo-op spotter” she is, seeing birds before I did, and calmly stopping the car so that I could take pictures.

Great Egret (a.k.a. Great White Egret)

I was surprised that we would start seeing birds so soon, before even reaching the bird hide.  Boy, if that isn’t a testament to my ignorance . . .!

Reed Cormorant

Lisa also spotted a Sunbird by the side of the road, but that little devil was a bit too quick for my finger and hid in the brush where I couldn’t get a clear shot.  Never mind, only a little further and we arrived.

entrance to the hide

We were welcomed at the gate, so to speak, by a couple of  Cape Bulbul.  When I looked at the photo the bird looked black to me, but both my reference book and Lisa assures me that it is actually dark brown.  Yep! I’m bad with distinguishing colours when the sun reflects off it a certain way.  After looking at it again, and again, and . . .  Well, I can now see it is a chocolate-brown colour 😉

Cape Bulbul

We had a short walk from the road, through some reeds, to get to the hide.  Lisa has some nice photos in her post to show what it looks like.  I learned a few things about bird-watching/photography.  First – you have to be very quiet (thank you Lisa for reminding me!).  Second – you have to get to a hide very early if you want the prime spot.  We didn’t arrive first, but the view we ended up with wasn’t  bad either.

view from the window we sat at

I’m very grateful to the other occupant of the hide,  who looked like a very serious photog with the massive lens on his SLR, for pointing out interesting birds, and alerting me to interesting happenings.  I think he realised after a while that we weren’t there to chatter and chase his photo op’s away.  Third – decide beforehand what type of shots you want to take.  Fourth – you need lots and lots of patience, pack a lunch and something to drink.

This was another very nice treat, Lisa.  Thanks again for taking me there!

More photos.


9 thoughts on “Photo walk: Malachite Bird Hide

  1. What a beautiful, peaceful place that is… my favourite of this batch of pics is the reed cormorant, love the colour of the rippling water behind it, and the composition is perfect. But I like ALL your photos, Clouded. 🙂

    • Glad you enjoyed it, David, and I’m happy to share 🙂

      I’ll be posting some of my other “successful” bird shots on my photoblog
      I’m now playing with the idea of constructing a portable bird hide to carry around with me 😉

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