Photo walk: forestry plantation

Any excuse to visit a friend – walk #4 . . .

The day before I was due to return home.  It’d been raining since the day before and it continued during the early morning hours.  Around mid-morning a ray of sunshine forced its way through the heavy clouds.  That bode well for our last walk and Rosie was certainly looking forward to stretching her legs 🙂

By the time we were ready to go the sky had cleared some more, but you can’t be too careful, so we made sure to take our jackets and a plastic bag for the cameras.  It was a very short drive to the forestry plantation nearby.

starting out (click the image for another view)

Trees . . .  yay!  Ah, and the smells . . .   It’s kind of difficult to describe – a unique combination of old and forgotten,  damp,  green,  a hint of steam, sometimes a bit of sunshine, and after a good rain; fresh.  Well, I guess you have to experience (and smell) it for yourself.

We had barely started our walk when I spotted (yay for me this time!) an interesting looking mushroom hiding on the forest floor not too far from the road.  I’m not very knowledgable about trees, plants and whatnot – so if you know what this is, please let me know?

interesting mushroom (click image)

Around the corner we went, and it was Christmas in May!  Well, okay not really.  I thought it might have been when I saw how the sun, hitting the water droplets on the leaves, seemed to light up this little tree.

lit tree

There are so many things to see in a forested area.  Sometimes you catch something out of the corner of your eye, and you suddenly remember – this is a good home for all kind of creatures, like spiders.  Notice the small web spun between the trees below.

This was another one of those places where I became so caught up in everything there was to see that time just flew by.  One can also easily forget the distance one walks.  Hey, that’s actually a good way to get exercise! 😉

Here are some of the other mushrooms spotted on this walk.  I’m not able to identify them, so if any of my readers can, please feel free to let me know?

This concludes my posts on the photo walks that Lisa and I took this month (also see walk #1, walk #2walk #3 ).  They were all enjoyable experiences and the cherry on top of our first visit in many, many years!

Really looking forward to the next one, Lisa!

More photos.


11 thoughts on “Photo walk: forestry plantation

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  2. It was such a lovely walk in the forest!

    I’ve been looking at mushroom photos in my field guide. I think 2 out of the 4 in this post may be Amanita species i.e. very poisonous, but I’m not going to commit to any proper identifications. Don’t want people to go off and pick and eat wild mushrooms on my recommendations! 😉

  3. Love the photo of the “lit tree” does have a Christmasy feel to it! – If you like walking through the forests (and particularly pine forests) you will definitely love Scotland! -Lu

    • Thanks.

      I’ll have to put Scotland on my bucket list – I’m a sucker for (well, almost) anything green 🙂 And yeah, forests are a favourite.

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