total relaxation shock therapy

It’s happened!  It is so embarrassing, and I still can’t believe it.  For the first time in many, many years I actually forgot a password I use at work.  Me!  The person who secretly (or not) gripes about having to reset passwords when other people forget theirs. Sigh.

I have always been mystified at how it is possible for people to forget the passwords they use on a daily basis.  Whenever I ask this question from them, the answer is “I have been on leave for two weeks.”  Really?! Well, I have been on leave for three weeks at times, and I’d come back with all my passwords ready to flow from my brain to my fingertips as soon as I touched the keyboard.  What everyone failed to explain to me was the hidden meaning behind the words leave and vacation.  Total relaxation!  Um. . . did you just say “duh!”?

What can I say?  I always worried about work while on vacation, never quite able to get rid of “The Nagger”.  “The Nagger” is better known as that scratchy feeling at the back of my mind, with tentacles that somehow find a way to wrap itself around my heart where it applies just enough pressure to ensure discomfort.  It’s a constant reminder that I have to stay alert, never get too comfortable.  Staying home, in close proximity to work (just in case), didn’t help either.  The pattern probably would’ve repeated itself if it wasn’t for the week I went to visit my friend, Lisa, this year. If you haven’t done so already, you can read more about it in my any excuse to visit a friend series of posts.  That was the second week of my three-week vacation.  The week when I was finally able to ignore “The Nagger”, with determination.  I did not think about anything remotely work-related and did not worry about anything . . . at all.  It was bliss.

“The Nagger” made a valiant attempt to return the following Wednesday.  My solution?  Urgent arrangements to visit the Kragga Kamma Game Park (click the name to see more photos), about 75km from home, where my parents and I spent most of the day, Friday.  It was my first visit there, and I wasn’t disappointed. On the way home we also popped in at the Seaview Game and Lion Park.

kragga kamma game park

Now. . .  the first week back at work has past, and I’ve discovered a few things.   Total relaxation is a shock to the system, after the fact:

  • It can cause selective memory dump – like forgetting passwords
  • It can compromise your immune system – I didn’t worry about taking vitamin supplements during my vacation time and within the first couple of days back at work developed early warning symptoms of cold/flu, and an almost migraine.
  • It can cause difficulty with mindset adjustments, and getting back into routines – working as opposed to relaxing

Total relaxation is awesome!  Can’t wait to do it again 🙂


8 thoughts on “total relaxation shock therapy

  1. LOL Nice post! I’m glad to hear that your vacation was so relaxing. Have you really taken 3 weeks of leave before? Just can’t imagine you relaxing for that long. I can think of at least two other reasons for the forgetfulness . . . celebrating another birthday recently and the magical powers of Rosie!

    • Thanks!

      The longest leave I had before was 4 weeks, and even that went by too fast. But that was before I knew “the secret”. I can get used to relaxing, believe you me 😉

      Birthday – do you mean I’m getting old?! Ha-ha.
      Rosie definitely played a role in helping me to relax 🙂

  2. Giggle… that was very funny. I can totally relate to your experience.

    I particularly liked the juxtaposition of the sentence “It can cause difficulty with mindset adjustments, and getting back into routines – working as opposed to relaxing” with the photo of that cheetah (it was one, wasn’t it?) just chilling under the bushes! Perfect! Watching cats sleep (even big ones) is just sooo soporific… zzzz….

    • Glad you enjoyed it!

      Yes, that is indeed a cheetah sleeping. Right this minute my little furry is having a curled-up snooze and I’m resisting temptation to join her 🙂

      Maybe watching cats sleeping should be introduced as a cure for sleeplessness, instead of counting sheep?

  3. So…did you end up having to reset your own password? I’m one of those folks who sometimes forgets hers, especially when we used to have to change them every three months at the call centre I used to work in…

    Hope you beat the bug…


    • Unfortunately the password I forgot is for a system other than the one I’m administrating, so I’m in the hands of another system administrator. Hopefully it will get sorted this week.

      The bug – so far so good, thanks 🙂

    • Thanks for visiting, Jane!

      I must confess that it wasn’t easy to shut-up “The Nagger”, but now that I’ve done it once I’m pretty confident that it will be that much easier next time. And hey, if I can do it . . . 😉

      Hope you get a chance to take a vacation soon!

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