how to kick start your day

First you wake up.  Okay, that’s a bit obvious, but you can hardly start the day asleep, right?!

Then, do the things you normally do to get your brain in gear.

Next thing, get ready for work.

Grab everything you need to get you through the day, and head out the door.

Climb in your car, turn on some music if you want, and follow the road to work.

Remember all those things you were taught while learning to drive?  Lights on, keep to the speed limit, check your mirrors, keep your eyes open, concentrate . . .   I confess to sinking into deep thoughts while driving.  The wind coming in through the air vents and open window, my natural hair dryer, helps to keep me alert.

Ah, yes – do remember to swivel your head from side to side occasionally to check those blind spots.

Eyes front again.  A quick glance in the rear view mirror, and the “unfortunate” benefit of seeing out of the corner of your eye . . .

. . .

. . .

. . .  stalking upside down on the roof of the car, scarily close to a still damp head . . .

Yep, the heart is really kicking it up now!

Phew.  At least I made it to work in one piece.  Not sure if the spider is still alive after that good whack, with the help of the car radio, that sent it on a collision course with the window on the passenger side.  I will have to check before starting the drive home tonight.

Never fear when the car radio is near 😉

Have a fun day everyone!


20 thoughts on “how to kick start your day

  1. eeuuuwwww!! Don’t like spiders… Well handled though, I’m fairly sure I would have ended up on the wrong side of the road at the very least!

    • Thanks, Lu. If I was in really deep thought I might have had a bigger fright, overreacted and got in trouble. As it was I only noticed a little swerve in my own lane. Thank goodness.


    Holy COWWWW!!!!

    I’m amazed you didn’t crash the car!!!!!

    Oh My Gosh… I am soooo going to need a cup of tea now. A strong one. With sugar. My heart is pounding at the mere thought of having a close encounter with a rain spider INSIDE my car.

    You are soooo brave, Clouded.

    As to driving home tonight… erm… if that was my car, I think I’d phone a friend to take me home, and just leave the car where it is for a couple of days… Oh… perhaps if it’s still alive, it’s laying eggs? Oh… man… I would pay someone to take my car apart, to make sure there is nothing living inside it before I drive it back home.


    • Don’t know about being brave, Reggie. Lucky for me my rational thoughts took over a millisecond after the instictive ones 🙂

      If you clicked on the photo you probably saw that it is not the first time I encountered one in the car – but the first time while driving.

      I did a cursory search in the car before driving home, but it was cold and wet and I didn’t see it so decided it must be hiding somewhere nursing its aches if it was still alive. I WILL check again before going to work, though.

      I hope the tea helped 😉

    • The tea helped. Thank heavens. 😉

      And I hope that Mr (or Mrs) Rain Spider used the opportunity to move out of your car and back into the garden or the forest where it belongs. Safe driving!

    • Thanks, Wendy. Glad you enjoyed it. I could actually laugh at the picture I must’ve made – the motorist behind me probably thought I was looney, he overtook me as soon as he could.

  3. Yikes… I think spiders are attracted to you! Many years ago I was driving down a country road around me and looked down to see a mouse on my thigh. Scared the —- out of me! Like you I just flung it as far as I could and never saw it again. Later when having some work done at the auto shop, they discovered a mouse nest in the engine.

    • Oh grief, Steve – a mouse?! LOL. I can only imagine. Wait!, maybe that is the “dead monster” you’ve been searching for in your truck? Euw! 😉

      I think you might be right about the spiders. I generally don’t mind them, as long as they don’t come too close.

    • I don’t have a garage so my car is very accessible standing outside all the time. I won’t be surprised if they nest somewhere in the engine compartment, like the mice did in Steve’s case.

      I’ve only seen it in my car twice so far – the jury is still out on the third one, which my mom thinks made the trip with us to the mall and back that one time. Maybe you remember “an itsy-bitsy spider moment”

      P.S. – thank you 🙂

  4. Oh dear. You wacked the spider with a car radio while driving?? I don’t think I could have done that. I would just pull over and get out of the car, STAT. Then stand there until some chivalrous man stopped and removed him for me.

    • LOL – I am sooo with you, 2summers, I would’ve done exactly the same!

      I still can’t believe how relaxed and calm Riekie was about this episode. Nerves of steel, I tell ya… Nerves. Of. Steel. 😉

    • Clouded Marbles’ posts make me glad I live in Joburg. I’ve seen a couple of rain spiders in the house, but they are rare and seem to keep their distance. I still live in fear of Parktown Prawns though.

    • Ohhh, yes. Parktown Prawns are very real. I’ve seen them with my own two eyes, scurrying through the garage at night. And they are terrifying. I recently had a discussion with a friend about who would win a fight between a rain spider and a Parktown Prawn. I would put my money on the Prawn.

    • Ohhhh…. Nooooooo!!!

      I thought they were a horror story invented for naughty children to scare them into going to bed at night!

      I am definitely going to stay in the Western Cape… where we ‘only’ have cockroaches, rats and rain spiders to contend with.


    • The funny thing is that my response time for stopping my car / pulling over is a whole heck of a lot slower, so by the time I did that it probably would’ve been on top of me already. Now THAT is a real scary thought!

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