making old new

Oh dear!, Dear Reader.

I’m afraid that, after my most recent spider adventure, I am at a bit of a loss for something to write about.  I’ve been thinking. . . and thinking. Then it hit me!  I have some stuff that haven’t received a lot of exposure before.  Stuff written in the time before I decided to peek out from behind my self-imposed privacy curtain, so to speak.

Please brace yourself while I bombard you with some of my earlier works for the next little while?  I’ll understand completely if you feel, at times, like gnashing your teeth at having to re-read something you are already familiar with.  To make the experience a little more bearable, and lessen the trauma, I have asked a good friend to help me sift the better from the bad 😉

I’ve mentioned before my “flashback series”.  I suspect that might have caused some confusion since it was published on my first blog.  The series was born because . . .

I am always amazed at the capacity of the human brain, not to mention its ability to store information. I am astounded by the various triggers that can prompt the recall of all the information stored. And I really like this quote from unknown origin (if you know, please tell me?): “Everyone has photographic memory; some just don’t have the film”. Anyone else feel like this sometimes?

So what exactly is a memory trigger? Well, it is our five senses of course! Something we see, something we hear, something we touch, a certain taste and of course a particular smell. Boy, how much we take for granted! We should be so thankful for any and all senses, because really, will we be able to remember anything without it? Are there any other types of triggers out there?

People get so used to having senses that I don’t think we spend a lot of conscious brain-time on it, it’s just there – kind of ironic, right? Now that I’ve started thinking about it, I will probably write more about my “flashbacks”. Yes, I think I will share my memories, so watch out for the first installment of my Flashback-series. In fact, I will kick off the old-new with a post from that series.

Quick note:

I will choose from the older posts at random so they may not follow in chronological order.  If you are interested in the original publish date you will be able to find it at the bottom of each post.

flashback: anything ginger

a theory: the cause of anger


5 thoughts on “making old new

  1. I too love this and I know exactly what you mean about memory triggers – isn’t it amazing, how one can be swept away to an incident in one’s past sometimes? Well, I have made myself a cuppa tea, and am off to read your first flashback too!

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