wanted: baked – the ultimate cheesecake

It must be a little over a month now since I joined the search for the Ultimate Cheesecake, a particular quest of Lisa’s that I read about in July 2010, in all earnest.

I’ve never been that big a fan of cheesecake, probably because the only kind that people seem to make around here is the non-baked variety.   It gets pretty boring after a while – they all taste the same for the most part.  When I asked Lisa more about the “ultimate” she was looking for, one of the preferences she mentioned was that it must be baked.  BAKED?!  I was pretty sure that I’ve never tasted a baked cheesecake before.  I’m all for making things that are easy, and that sounded like an awful lot of work to me.  When I came across recipes I would pass them on, but that was the extend of my participation in this search.

Until about a month ago when I went to visit Lisa.  She baked cheesecake!  I must tell you that if my taste buds had eyes it would’ve popped out of its sockets.  Instead it got deliriously happy and I had to fight down its insistence for second, or third, helpings.  Now?  I’m cured from non-baked cheesecake!  Those huge cakes in the bakery sections of supermarkets and on the display shelves in coffee shops don’t tempt me anymore.  Instead of cold, dense cake I want tasty, light, melt-in-the-mouth. Let the fun begin!

Lisa gave me the recipe she used and also provided me with a few tips for baking of cheesecakes.  I listened.  Unfortunately I also have a “knack” for adjusting / adapting recipes so my first attempt was a bust – no surprise there.  After some more cheesecake conferences and tips I tried it again – this time doing some mix-matching between two recipes, and of course keeping in mind the tips from before.  This (see slice above) is what I ended up with.

Want to know what I did (wrong)?

Is this the “ultimate” recipe?  I’m not sure.  I’d appreciate some feedback if you try this, or think you have the perfect recipe.


14 thoughts on “wanted: baked – the ultimate cheesecake

  1. Interesting, I am a type 2 diabetic and running the numbers through my head, it sounds like (per piece) the carb count isn’t THAT bad…hmmmmm. Thank you for the recipe.

  2. Made this cheesecake yesterday. Verdict: DIVINE! Think this may be my Ultimate Cheesecake.

    I misread the recipe and only put in 1/4 cup of cream. Oh, and I didn’t separate the eggs or beat the cream because I was basically too lazy to :-), but it still came out really well.

    • Glad you like it, Lisa! 🙂

      I must confess that I’ve been thinking about reducing the cream myself – that ½c makes it taste VERY creamy. Not a bad thing if you like it that way, but it was getting to me after eating it for 3 days 😉

      Another little tweak I want to try is replacing the sugar with a smaller qty of castor sugar.

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