the story behind dreams and the art of waking up

The human mind is extraordinary and it fascinates me.  Um. . . yeah, you probably heard me say it a time or two before.  I wonder if this fascination is the reason why I’m such a fan of fantasy and sci-fi type stories?

Take Medium for example.  The word itself is ordinary enough, but in the television series Medium it has a very specific meaning. At lack of a better description I guess one could call it channeling.

The fifth season of the show is currently running here in South Africa. I missed out on most of the first season which is always a shame if a series run longer.  The story is based on Allison DuBois, a mother of three and wife to Joe, who are able to “see” things in dream world and talk to ghosts in the real world.  And the dreams are always open to interpretation – nothing is ever cut and dried.

Before I continue, let me just say that I never knew that the simple act of waking up could be transformed into an art form. This is something that Patricia Arquette seems to be very good at.  She has quite the repertoire.

Right-o, I’m grabbing a cup of coffee to mull over this dream business some more.  I know it is said that everybody dreams but that one doesn’t necessarily remember the details. Well, that is true for me most of the time.  The only dreams I remember are the odd ones, the ones that doesn’t seem to make much sense.

There are some questions that run through my mind from time to time – things I’m curious about but not sure whether or not I really want to find the answers to.

* Should I pay more attention to that little film that blitzes through my consciousness just before I wake up?

* Do I sometimes feel that I received a message or a warning, for myself or someone else,  through my dreams?

* Is the reason why I don’t remember the dream significant?

* Is having bad dreams after watching a thriller or after eating certain food stuffs late at night really related?

* And the big one – should I have my dream interpreted?  And following that – is there really someone I will trust with something like that?

Hmm. . . there might be easy answers to these questions, there may not.

For now I’m just grateful that I’m not in Allison’s head.  She really has some disturbing dreams at times.

Sweet dreams, dear Reader.


9 thoughts on “the story behind dreams and the art of waking up

  1. I remember a lot of my dreams, but don’t attach any real significance to them…

    I know that I usually have nightmares when I’m too warm, and “stupid dreams” when I drink tea too close to bedtime.


    • I think people’s dream diaries, if they keep one, will make for interesting reading. Do you know everyone who make an appearance in your dreams?

      Interesting about the tea-affect. Thanks for sharing, Wendy.

  2. I rarely remember dreams anymore. That’s probably the way its supposed to be, but there’s an element of fun when you remember the strange ones. When my Mom first passed I had a lot of dreams that she was in… I always felt she was trying to communicate to me. I’ve had a few nightmares in my life, but thankfully very infrequently!! I’m not sure I’d want my dreams analyzed – you may find out more than you ever really want to know!

    • Not remembering our dreams – I wonder if our brains go into protective mode? You know, like when the brain blocks certain traumatic memories and we call it amnesia. Or maybe the dreams were just so peaceful that we didn’t take note?

      I’ve just found another question. What kind of dreams do we identify as nightmares?

      Thanks for sharing, Steve.

  3. I dream a LOT doesn’t matter what I’ve watched or read before I go to bed, or what I have eaten or drunk. Most of my dreams are weird. To answer your questions:

    1. Yes – you have to pay attention. As you’ve said to me before there might be something interesting to blog about! 😉

    2. Yes – it may be a warning. I’ve had 3 such dreams, but I have to say they were fairly specific.

    3. No – you probably just woke up at the “wrong” time of your sleep cycle.

    4. Maybe.

    5. Yes. Who to? Me! LOL 😉

    Hope that helped!

    • 1. I would really like to get my hands on your dream diary – you know, since I haven’t seen one post about it yet 😉
      2. Do you only think it is a warning when you dream about people you know?
      4. A chemical reaction in the brain, you think?
      5. Does this mean that you’ve had your dreams interpreted? I’d tell you about my dreams, but like Steve, I’m not exactly sure that I’d want them explained 😉

  4. First, I have to say I loved Medium. Didn’t get to see all the seasons but loved what I did get to watch. I don’t often remember my dreams. I wish I did. What I do recall are usually just bits and pieces. Some people have such vivid dreams and it makes me jealous, but on the other hand I can’t recall the last time I would have had a nightmare.

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