dear ant family from the colony outside my house

I confess that I find much to admire about you.  You are clever little creatures, yes you are!

You give new meaning to the terms “cooperation” and “teamwork”.  Or maybe it’s the other way around?

You would leave humans eating your dust in the sport of powerlifting.  I might be misinformed but I’ve never heard of  a human who can carry 50x his/her own weight!

You’ve mastered the art of magic – appearing within seconds when we leave a crumb or foodstuff unattended.

You are hard workers that don’t mind clearing away the debris of dead insects that litter our floors.

You have some not so nice qualities as well, but right now, my biggest disappointment in you is this –

Why have you not yet figure out a way to catch fleas?!  They are smaller than you in size – mostly.  They have one-track minds, only looking for things to jump on and suck dry.  They are tasty, yum-yum! – but you’ll not think me rude if I decline your kind invitation to dinner. . . or lunch. . . or breakfast,  I’m sure.

Can’t you be true to your clever little ways and find a solution to my problem, I beg of you?!

Kieter begs you twice as hard and promise not to flick you off her tail when you catch a ride from outside!!

9 thoughts on “dear ant family from the colony outside my house

  1. Great, Charles! I love that! We have a rather large colony of “sugar ants” that appear in droves each spring as the weather warms, and stay until we exterminate them. We always start out smashing them with our fingers (they are very tiny), but we have learned that when you do that, each ant turns into at least two! So we pull out our ant traps and they are gone inside of three days! Unfortunately, I have not heard of flea-eating ants. Army ants might do that, but then again they eat/consume human flesh and dog and cat flesh as well, so not a very good option (and you would have to live in Africa or South America) but they would be eating the fleas right along with everything else! 😆 Sound like it’s worth a try?

    • So true what you say about the little “house” ants – kill one, get two. It really is like magic, I tell you! 😉
      Ant traps work?! I’ll have to try that.
      Um. . . army ants?! Yeah. . . no. . . NOT a good idea. I do live in Africa (South Africa), but I love my kitty dearly.

      Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment, Paula!

    • “Ant traps” work very well – just not immediately. They are not “traps” per se, but “bait.” They attract the ants, which eat the bait. The ants carry the “bait,” which is a slow-acting insecticide, to the colony, which then kills the ant and the colony. As I said, it takes about 2 or 3 days to begin to notice they are not around in such large numbers – by the next day or so, they are gone. Once we put out the traps, we leave them out for about three months. They are small plastic disks with little holes in the side for the ants to get through to the bait. Your dogs and cats should not eat them – so put them in a spot where they will not get them, although our pets have NOT been attracted to them.

      They also work on carpenter ants. Over here (the USA) they are among the ants I hate the most (next to red, or fire ants – OUCH!). They are very large black “hard-shell” ants (some up to 1/2″ long) with highly intelligent colonies and very persistent in eating whatever they come across. I hate the sound of the “crunch” under my feet when I step on one. Once many years ago I stepped on one accidentally, managing to smash only the third segment – the abdomen. The ant was still alive and tried to get away. I was so sickened by the sight, that I ran out of the room without finishing the job. A few minutes later, II realized that was not a very humane thing to do, so I went back to put it out of its misery, and when I got to where it had been, I saw there were two “helper ants” with it, trying to help it get away, by lifting the crushed abdomen off the floor. I was horrified! All I could think was it was the injured ant’s two children, and they had heard their daddy screaming, and run in to rescue him. . .(I tend to anthropomorphize things!). I steeled myself and killed all three – quickly! I have never again killed a carpenter ant (by stepping on one or crushing it) on purpose, nor, that I know of, by accident. But then again, we don’t have them down here in North Carolina – and I haven’t seen them since we left New England many years ago. Thank goodness!

      Whew! Maybe I should have used that story as a post (with lots of embellishment for dramatic emphasis) on my blog. Say! That’s a great idea! I’ll be just home from the hospital tomorrow, so it will be easy for me to pound out that story. Thank you! 😆 I’ll add to this story I’ve told you – all of which is true – and jack up the humane/ant-ane pathos!

      Now – I must quit. I’m supposed to be at hospital by noon, and I have about four hours of work to do yet! BTW, I still love to read your blog. . .I just have stopped commenting a lot because I tend to go on too long and run out of time! But occasionally, I will write short comments like this one. . .:lol: Take care! I wish you enough. . .

    • I hope the visit to hospital was nothing serious and that everything went okay!

      Yes, maybe you should write a post about this – sounds interesting, and I’d like to read it. 🙂

    • Um. . . yeah, I can watch ants too – as long as they don’t come into my house in droves.

      If they don’t plan on helping me, I’ll have to resort to following Paula’s advice about the ant traps though.

    • Now that is *definitely* not acceptable behaviour for a barely tolerated house-guest! What with biltong being so expensive nowadays, I wouldn’t have wanted to share t with an ant colony either!

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