driving down south

Sometimes, you need to get away.  Just away.  It’s the only way to relax, to leave some worries behind.  This seems to be true for me at least.

My great friend Lisa (Notes from Africa) invited me to visit in the Southern Cape for a few days.  It was exactly what I needed.  Craziness was about to set in at the office during the next few weeks what with the implementation of a new business solution looming at the end of the month.

While packing and organizing things before I set off,  I dreaded the idea of having to cancel the trip if anything really urgent cropped up at work.  It was only when I left the town, where I work, in my rearview mirror that my spirits started to lift and I could let my excitement fly!

Yay! a change of scenery

I left home around 4:30am, before the sun got high.  It was already warm, and very bright out just over an hour later.  There is a two-minute time difference between the shot above and the one below.

a little mist floating between young trees in the early morning

And so begun another memorable weekend.  Stay tuned for more! 😉


5 thoughts on “driving down south

    • The views around here, especially the coastal bit between the Eastern Cape and Western Cape provinces, are pretty cool.

      The visits at Lisa’s are always great! 🙂

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