waaa . . . babies on my doorstep!

Incredible!  You go to sleep, like any other night and nothing is out of the ordinary.

You get up at 2 am, still a little bit asleep. You keep the lights low, or completely off in support of greener living.

You go to your computer to finish the work you started the night before.  You reach for your mouse to wake up the screen, and your brain can’t quite compute the different feel to the table-cloth your arm is resting on.

Then your screen wakes up . . .

baby spiders - can you see them?

My photography skills are much worse in the middle of the night, but you get the idea.

little invaders

I was looking for the place where they hatched, but found some more under the chair’s arm. . .

more babies

I have no idea what kind of spiders these are . . . um. . .  were.  They definitely aren’t the offspring of my usual visitors (rain spiders)!  Button spiders maybe?

Right, so they weren’t exactly on my doorstep – but I had to make you come look, hadn’t I?!


8 thoughts on “waaa . . . babies on my doorstep!

  1. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………………………………………………… thump!

    [sound of me, running screaming from the office and out through the back door!]

    (Are they gone yet? Did you remove them?)

    • LOL. Oh Reggie, the picture you painted for me! 😀

      Yes, they’re gone – soon after I took the pictures. Had to clear them away so that I could work.

    • Did you remove them yourself, or did you call someone for help? I’m asking, because that’s probably what I would have done…

    • Um. . . well, I don’t have anybody on-site (so to speak) to do these things for me so I kinda have to deal with it myself.

      I don’t particularly like it, but it has to be done. 🙂

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