i call it … a chronicle

I’ve been out of touch for such a long time!

So many things have changed in the WordPress.com neighbourhood. It’s almost like returning from a very long vacation to my home in a gated community. While I was away new neighbours settled in. Some existing homes got a new coat of paint by way of dressing up in a new theme.

It feels new. It also feels different.

Something else that grabbed my attention was the changes in the Administration office. Even here things got moved around and dressed up differently. The arrangement is a little strange and take some getting used to if one was used to the previous layout. The change isn’t bad. NOT BAD at all, actually. Information is now readily available and easier to access!

The upgrade/change/addition in the features are also very much to my liking. Being able to have one directory which links to all the neighbours who are interested in the same thing(s) while not losing touch with old friends is really nifty! Thank you WordPress Team for your dedication to making our neighbourhood the friendliest around! 🙂

I’m using the Publicize feature now and although I’m not a dedicated user of social sites, I do find this feature very handy. I created a Facebook page for my blog(s). Although, I’m probably not using it for its intended purpose. I decided that the Timeline feature is very useful. So… the Facebook page for my blog(s) is more like an archive for posts I did since the beginning. For this reason I call it a “Chronicle of my Blog(s)”.

cm facebook

I like that I can see what I’ve posted and when I posted it – kinda at a glance. Seeing my posts like this is great! Since I had to manually link to the older posts (before I activated the Publicize feature) I also re-read some of my early work. Some things I forgot that I wrote about.

 It was like paging through a photo album.  What fun!


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