pain revelations . . . and being blessed


It comes in different forms, as different types.  It can be a little.  It can be a lot.  It can be a result or a symptom – maybe even both.  It can change a person’s priorities.  It almost always catches you by surprise.

I consider myself a person in general good health.  Of course I have some aches and pains from time to time but nothing that sends me running to the doctor.  In fact,  I kinda avoid doctors as much as possible.  I tend to doctor myself.  Usually it works like a charm.

A few months ago it was not the case.

The same day I returned from a week-long visit to family and friends I had lunch with my parents.  Shortly after lunch I felt a bit uncomfortable – much like one does after overindulging at meal times. Nothing comes close to the meals our mothers make, right?! It was not the first time I had this feeling and I didn’t think anything of it.

Over the course of a few hours my body doled out pain that ranged from a bit uncomfortable to extremely uncomfortable.  None of my little self-help medications seemed to do the trick.  When the pain got to the stage where it roused me from sleep I decided that it can’t hurt to run my symptoms by someone else before I taking more medication.

Long story short – after talking to my mom and my sister (who also happens to be a nurse) I ended up going to hospital.  Turned out that my appendix was acting up, although I wasn’t diagnosed with appendicitis until the following afternoon.

I must confess that pain has a really strange effect on me.  Or maybe it’s the medication they gave me at the clinic and hospital?  If you’ve ever been around medical people you’ll know that they have a more clinical way of looking at the human body.  That doesn’t mean that we feel the same way.  At least, I find it difficult to objectify my body.  But at some point during that 48 hours I stopped caring about being self-conscious, about enema and all the rest.  I just really needed the pain to go away.

I suffered a little set back after my initial hospital stay.  I was home only a couple of days.  Again after lunch time (weird coincidence?) I got a really bad pain attack.  It was much much worse than the appendicitis attack.  The surgeon suspected infection and I went back to hospital for a longer stay and a very strong dose of antibiotics.

I’m blessedly good as new after a four-week recovery time and were able to return to work.  Having my appendix removed was the only serious operation I had in my forty years and it took me a while to get back into a normal routine.  One probably doesn’t think about it but things like this does have a psychological impact and it is important to take the time to come to grips with it.


5 thoughts on “pain revelations . . . and being blessed

  1. Hi CM! I’ve been away for ages…but am back again.

    I’m glad you’re now recovered but sorry you had to go through a surgery. As a doctor myself, I realize how right you are to point out the clinical attitude we have and that can sometimes make us seem like robots. It’s part of our training…helps keep us objective and make the right decisions for our patients.

    Take care of yourself. Will be visiting more regularly in the future 🙂

    • Hi H!

      I forgot that you are a doctor! 😛 I do understand that it is easier for medical professionals to be clinical and believe me, I do appreciate it.

      It would probably be REALLY awkward if that wasn’t the case, right? 🙂

    • You know what…I forget myself too sometimes 😉 it would be which is why doctors avoid treating family members if they can. We help them get the best care but getting involved in actual treatment isn’t recommended.

    • Hi Lisa!

      Yeah – I had to get this out of my system. It seemed to block all my “mojo”. Hopefully I’ll be able to write about some interesting things again 🙂

      Speaking of . . . (hint-hint)

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