the distorted trump invasion

Overhead lighting spot lights the dark hallway.  The atmosphere is a bit oppressive and downright spooky.  Yet somehow it also leaves an impression of money and luxury.

Dressed in a very nice pant suite, toes squashed in high-heeled pointy shoes, I follow three gentleman into, what seems to be, a show room.   The lighting is much better here.  What a relief!

“What do you think?” asks Donald senior.

I jump a little at the sudden question in the otherwise quiet room.

“It looks interesting.”  My answer is a little uncertain.

“Is this what you envisioned?” asks Eric while moving toward one of the mock kitchens on display.

“Well, they seem to have done a good job without the actual plan and specifications.”

“What about this section here?” asks Eric again, this time moving around the island in the middle of the space.

“Oh yes!  I’ll use some other materials of course, like a matt coloured t….”

I jerk awake and struggle to make sense of what just happened.  Why was I showing the Trumps around a displayed kitchen design?

Ah yes, now I remember.  I had to take some meds last night and watched an episode of Celebrity Apprentice 2012 (yes, last year’s season) until I fell asleep.  It was one of those boardroom scenes where the guys and girls fight tooth and nail to stay in the game.

Way to burrow into my subconscious people!

The other day, after watching a different episode of Celebrity Apprentice I wondered: how would Americans (not only the celebrities) fare in a South Africa Apprentice?  Or just to mix things up a little more, why not team South Africans and Americans to compete.  There is such a difference in the way we South Africans approach things it might be fun to watch.

Don’t you think?