Questions answered

In honor of the changes I’m making, I decided to do my own version of  the Q&A tag-thing that’s been going around in blog-world.  I tried to think of questions you probably don’t get asked often, and which can have interesting answers.

This is a free-for-all, no pressure, no commitment opportunity – be serious, or have fun with it.  If you would like to share your answers, feel free to copy the Questions only image into your own post.  But remember to link it back here so I can go check it out 😉

The Questions

1. When someone treats you to a meal, do you order your favourite dish or something you haven’t tried before?

I might try something new if I know that (a) the person can afford it and (b) the person won’t be offended when I’m honest about liking/disliking the dish. People tend to ask if the food is okay . . .

2. Do you have a favourite song, and can you sing it?

Not really, which is a good thing if I’m expected to sing it 😉

3. What animal would you liken yourself to and why?

A cat. Cats are independent, self-sufficient and great friends if you can win them over

4. What gives you wings?

Blessings of good health, loved ones, good friends, tastebuds, . . .

5. Do people laugh at your jokes?

Nope, they probably laugh at me, with me. I can’t tell a joke to save your life!

6. What is your favourite drink?

Water. It used to be fizzy drinks, but now it is water. And coffee.

7. What breaks your heart?

Road-kill.  Abused/neglected children and animals.

8. How does your favourite colour influence your life?

Most of the time I get good vibes from anything that is primarily in my favourite colour . . . green.

9. What is your favourite day of the week?

Friday! Need I say more?

10. What is your favourite time of day?


11. How do you like to pass time?

Reading a good book. Watching a good movie.

12. Are you a “health-nut” ?

Sadly, no. I do like peanuts though 😉

13. Are you a people’s person?

I don’t think of myself as such.

14. What kind of movies and/or books do you enjoy?

I basically like anything with a good storyline, but I’m less fond of autobiographies and avoid true horror things.

15. Do you have a personal motto? Feel like sharing it?

Don’t expect from others that which you are not willing to give yourself.


2 thoughts on “Questions answered

  1. Hi Clouded Marbles,
    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I scanned through yours and I will surely be coming back! Now i’m fighting the sleep off, as it’s past midnight where I am and can’t really focus on anything that requires thinking.
    talk later! 🙂

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