Ten Sensitive Ways to Break-Up with Another Blogger

Friend Steve over at The Brown Road Chronicles wrote a very sensitive post about breaking other bloggers’ hearts. I just had to share it here at my place too!

The Brown Road Chronicles

An unfortunate dynamic of blogging is that sometimes we have to break-up with another blogger with whom we have developed a blogging relationship. I’ve broken up with several bloggers in the last few years and many more have broken up with me. The usual technique that bloggers employ is the Vanish Method – just stop reading, stop leaving comments on posts and stop clicking the “like” button.  In extreme cases, the blogger might even spend three to four hours digging through their WordPress Dashboard trying to actually figure out how to un-follow a blogger that they are no longer interested in following. But this method is very boorish and inconsiderate and leaves the “victim” of the break-up sadly wondering where their friend has gone and if it was something that they wrote that might have caused this animosity in the relationship.

So, with that in mind, here’s ten sensitive break-up…

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when you blog, what comes first; the chicken or the egg?

In some respects, blogging transports me back in time.  It takes me back to one of the language classes in school.  The teacher is sitting (or standing) in front of the class, a small smile twitching at the corner of her mouth while we scramble in behind our school desks.

I loved my language classes.  I didn’t always get all the rules and stuff right.  But I loved … well, I loved the reading part of it – the oral classes, not so much.  I just wanted to understand what other people were saying.  I didn’t really see the need to talk to them.

Anyhoo, back to the language teach’s secretive (or was that evil?) smile.  It had to do with something she knew was not a particular favourite assignment for most students. “Today you will write an essay.  You can write about anything you like.  You have to use 350 words – no less, no more.  You have until the end of this class period to finish.”


Oh jeez, what will I write about?! 


Come on, come on.  Think of something!  She said to write about anything.  Think girl, think!!!


Seriously?!  You only have 35 minutes.  Wait, no – it is now only 30 minutes.  Three hundred words and 30 minutes!  Too bad they got wise and took away line counts.  I could just write one, skip one.  Words, must be lots of words now.  Ugh!  Shouldn’t panic.


Everyone else is writing.  What is everyone else writing about?

 THOUGHT (fades away).  BLANK.  THOUGHT (fades in).

Okay, she wants me to write about anything?  Anything it is then.  She better not deduct points if she doesn’t like my topic!

Sometimes it is easier to write when someone gives you a topic.  I like having the chicken first.  But that only works when you have a clue about anything chicken.  Other times it really is nice to start with the egg.  You can let it grow into the chicken you want.

Yep, sometimes blogging really does transport me back in time.

Uhm… wanna guess how long it took me to write this post?  😀

i call it … a chronicle

I’ve been out of touch for such a long time!

So many things have changed in the WordPress.com neighbourhood. It’s almost like returning from a very long vacation to my home in a gated community. While I was away new neighbours settled in. Some existing homes got a new coat of paint by way of dressing up in a new theme.

It feels new. It also feels different.

Something else that grabbed my attention was the changes in the Administration office. Even here things got moved around and dressed up differently. The arrangement is a little strange and take some getting used to if one was used to the previous layout. The change isn’t bad. NOT BAD at all, actually. Information is now readily available and easier to access!

The upgrade/change/addition in the features are also very much to my liking. Being able to have one directory which links to all the neighbours who are interested in the same thing(s) while not losing touch with old friends is really nifty! Thank you WordPress Team for your dedication to making our neighbourhood the friendliest around! 🙂

I’m using the Publicize feature now and although I’m not a dedicated user of social sites, I do find this feature very handy. I created a Facebook page for my blog(s). Although, I’m probably not using it for its intended purpose. I decided that the Timeline feature is very useful. So… the Facebook page for my blog(s) is more like an archive for posts I did since the beginning. For this reason I call it a “Chronicle of my Blog(s)”.

cm facebook

I like that I can see what I’ve posted and when I posted it – kinda at a glance. Seeing my posts like this is great! Since I had to manually link to the older posts (before I activated the Publicize feature) I also re-read some of my early work. Some things I forgot that I wrote about.

 It was like paging through a photo album.  What fun!

2012’s post crumbs

Hear me! Hear me!
Calling every blogger in the realm. Leave me a trail of crumbs to the most enjoyed post(s) you’ve read these past months. Be it local. Be it far. Be it your own. Be it a friend’s. Be it Fresh. Be it strange. Be it shy. Begging for crumbs am I!

Hello everyone!
I’ve been absent again for a while. Maybe you’ve noticed, maybe not. This has been a CRAZY busy year for me at work. I’ve lost touch with all my neighbours here and I do apologize. There is no way that I’ll be able to catch up on all your lovely posts, so I hope you don’t mind my asking for a few links to posts you’ve really enjoyed writing and/or reading this past year?

Hard to believe 2012 is nearing its end! Nothing like a small challenge to oneself to see a year out with, hey?  I’m going to make an effort to read all the posts your crumbs lead me to before the year is out 😉

I’m back . . . I think

My, how time flies.  It was quite a shock when I realised that I haven’t been back to my blog in more than 2 months!

I can give you a whole song and dance about why you found a partially covered window here when you came to visit, but . . . I probably don’t need to.  This happens to the majority of us at one time or another.  Real life, and my commitments to (in / within . . . whatever) it, took priority for a while.

Things are looking up now.  I don’t feel quite as much at sea as I did before.  The sludge (a.k.a. creative thought) is slowly but surely being sieved, meaning some positive, clear juices are actually making its way from CT-central to my fingertips.

Blogging is like riding a bike. Right?!

Okay, I’m game.

I’ll test that theory!