oh yeah, i’ve got egg on my face

And it is so-o-o-o embarrassing! After saying this, I guess I owe you an explanation, so here goes.

Remember what I told you before, about kicking it up with kiekies? Well, I’ve been infected by the macro-shot-bug. This is new for me. It is so different from the type of things I photographed with my first camera, which used 35mm film, years ago. Back then, I walked around taking snaps of anything that looked interesting. It was the same pictures everybody else, who owned a basic camera, took – panoramic views, family portraits – from a distance of one meter or more.

Enter the digital camera era and everything changes. Although initial cost of these cameras can be quite high, it is certainly much easier to use and a lot less expensive to experiment with. I’ve always been fascinated by the idea that there are worlds within our world. Maybe it’s the fairy tales, like Thumbelina, I read when I was little that planted the idea. Or maybe it’s the detailed illustrations of things that are visible to us only if it’s magnified x1000 or more. Then again, it may be the amazing macro shots that are published on the Internet. Whatever the cause, I’m hooked infected.

It’s a crazy infection caused by the macro-shot-bug, I tell you! I’m so preoccupied with finding good subjects for macro shots that I’ve developed tunnel vision. It’s limiting. It can be dangerous. It’s habit-forming. In this case, it landed me with egg on my face!

I published a photo titled “the colour of rust”, depicted by a rusted cabin hook. The “mystery” surrounding this object bothered me, so this morning I went back for another look. There was a light drizzle, and I was in a hurry so this isn’t my best effort (in case you’re wondering).  Reality check . . . How did I not see that?

Dear Self, I know we get our blinkers for free.  They are strangely comfortable (sometimes even comforting) to wear, especially when it’s done by choice. Take care that you don’t become too attached to them, or soon you won’t be able to see anything without them.  Sometimes you need to look at the bigger picture first, and remember it, before you focus on the finer detail.


8 thoughts on “oh yeah, i’ve got egg on my face

    • Thanks, Harsha – I’m looking at yours now 🙂 I hope you will be posting new photos soon! Liked (you’ll notice, I’m sure) what I saw there.

  1. I’m totally with you, clouded, as one of the most unobservant people ever! I would have wondered about the hook too!

    My mom was a professional photographer, and she loved macro shots. I like them because I like miniature things (and insects).


  2. I love the original shot as well…didn’t realize you had the other photo blog! I will need to peruse.

    And don’t worry – I think we probably all get tunnel vision. I had the same fascination with macro photography when I got a DSLR.

    It’s also funny to look back on the old 35 mm photos and what we thought was “good” at the time. 🙂

    • Thanks for the visit, Jolene!

      I was remembering some photos I took with the 35mm and am considering putting one or two of them up for comparison at the photo blog from time to time. Would love to see some of yours too. 🙂

      Speaking of 35’s, I think I’ve still got one or two rolls of film never developed, but it’s probably kaput by now.

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